A bright future for Kroctar

Year 13, Day 163 – KROCTAR, Kroctar Central

Planet Kroctar

Newly discovered planet in the Shataum sector

Today members of Outland Mining Corporation are in celebration following the near-completion of works on the newly discovered planet Kroctar.

Mining Leader Qing Loh discovered the uninhabited Kroctar System on Year 13 Day 141 at 17:53. He formed part of a two-man search team assembled by Outland Mining Corporation and headed by Scout Messi Defoe. Detailed technical analysis of existing star charts allowed the search to be triangulated to a very narrow region of less than one hundred possible coordinates which were subsequently investigated by the duo.

Immediately Outland Mining Corporation set about colonising the planet in order to take advantage of its mineral riches. Within one week all administrative and governmental functions of the planet were under its control and 56% of the viable land surface remained open to Outland’s expanding operations.

Outland’s CEO Rick Alano talked briefly about others who had settled on the planet. “We are very happy to work with others who wish to settle on Kroctar and call it their home. Many sentients have already reached agreement with us and we encourage any others who haven’t yet to come forward.”

Work has also begun on a comprehensive shield grid covering the planet surface, securing the planet now and into the future. For security reasons the exact details about locations of shield generators and their estimated completion times have not been released, though one official commented that work would conclude “soon.”

 With Outland at the helm, the economic future of the Kroctar system and the Shataum sector will be secure for generations to come and the brave inhabitants of this new world are sure to reap the benefits of heavy investment in the planet in coming years.

Interactive Service Update

Outland Mining Corporation Services Calculator Flash

Interactive Services Update

Following the change in the Galactic Standard Raw Material Unitary Weight and Measure, the unit weight of all known raw materials has been adjusted downwards by approximately 20%. Our holosite and all of our interactive services have now been updated to reflect this.

Please ensure you are using the most up-to-date calculator release – currently 4.2.2, released on Year 13 Day 65.
If you would like to download a new version, simply click on the image and save to your datapad. Alternatively visit our Services page, where you’ll be able to see a listing of all of the raw materials we offer for sale and also download the latest version of the calculator.

Safe return of OMC Employee

Year 13, Day 51 – Boordii System, Endeavor Station

3D Spectral Services Unlimited Logo

SSU saves the day

Cheers could finally be heard from the executive offices of Outland Mining Corporation today following the successful release of a kidnapped employee held hostage. This followed four days of tense talks and bids for the employee’s release. Due to the horrific nature of the ordeal, the employee’s identity has been withheld for their protection.



Derrik Thynite Image

Yuzzum Derrik Thynite

The troubles began on Day 47 when the employee was conducting business with their would-be kidnapper, Derrik Thynite. The unfortunate sentient was forced aboard Thynite’s ship and used as a bargaining chip for ransom demands. Not happy with the progress of his ransom payment from Outland Mining Corporation, things took a gruesome turn as the Yuzzum began to physically and sexually assault his captive while evading local law enforcement teams.

As the situation turned desperate, the call was made to Spectral Services Unlimited to help resolve the crisis. Swiftly the Reconnaissance Division was mobilised to the scene and a squadron of Incom T-65′s were deployed to deter any escape attempts.

Through the use of a hostage negotiator a deal was reached between Outland Mining Corporation and Derrik Thynite while Spectral Services Unlimited provided combat space support in the immediate area. After the safe return of the employee, reports began to emerge of the connection between Thynite and a former Spectral Services Unlimited employee, one Fuikai Mutmai. Mutmai was killed last year in a coordinated operation with the Granse Confederacy following his betrayal and murder of another SSU employee and it is thought that this latest kidnapping is an attempt at retaliation for his death.

Thynite remains at large and units from Spectral Services Unlimited remain on his trail so that he can be captured and face trial. Any members of the public who see him or come into contact with him should remain cautious as he may be armed and is most certainly dangerous. Those with any information about him should contact Jetsi Seejay, Central Director of Spectral Services Unlimited.

Durelium supplies outsourced

Year 13, Day 35 – Boordii System, Boordii IV, Central City

Durelium supplies outsourced and offered to customers at cost of procurement

For some time Outland Mining Corporation’s Durelium supply has been running low. With no new deposits looking likely, Outland’s Senior Management have taken the unprecedented step of outsourcing their Durelium requirements to other RM suppliers.

The problems began at the end of Year 12 with the depletion of Outland’s last Durelium mine and deposit. Since then work has been underway to locate and exploit new deposits, however to date this has been in vain. The company continued to service the Galaxy’s Durelium needs using stockpiles built up throughout the year but even these were exhausted by the start of Year 13.

Initially only as a temporary measure, supplies were outsourced to other providers at a cost of 5,000 credits per unit of Durelium and offered informally to customers at the same price. Today however it was decided that the new arrangement is likely to be more permanent than first anticipated, so company advertising materials and interactive services have now been updated accordingly.

The Senior Management wish to thank their customers for their loyalty and co-operation during this time and reaffirm that they are working hard to restore Outland’s independent supply.

Director of Logistics appointed

Year 12, Day 58 – Boordii System, Endeavor Station

The Senior Management Team announced today that Banbl Besand had been appointed as the new Director of Logistics for Outland Mining Corporation. Following the tumultuous departure of the previous Director some four months ago, the position had until now remained unfilled.

Banbl joined OMC only 8 months ago as a Recruit in the Extractions Department; moving around different Departments and proving time and again his adaptability and eagerness to push Outland to new heights. More recently, he took part in Project Useful Confidence – a Corporation-sponsored construction effort to bolster the economy of Bordalf, and was a natural choice for Directorship when the Senior Team began another round of searching to fill the much-needed position.

Gilad Callista was quoted as saying:
“I am sure Banbl will make a fine addition to the Directorship, and to the Board. His wealth of experience combined with the graft and determination shown as he worked his way up the ranks of Outland will stand this company in good stead for a long and prosperous future.”

Part of the appointment as a Director of Outland Mining Corporation is admission to the company Board of Directors, where Banbl will be able to have a direct influence over the direction of the company into the future. Banbl is the first person to be promoted into the Board of Directors since it’s incarnation.

The Senior Team, on behalf of everyone at Outland Mining Corporation, would like to wish Banbl the very best both now and into the future as he settles into his new position.

Varium and Vertex now available

Varium sales now open

It is our pleasure to announce to the public that Outland Mining Corporation is able to offer Varium again to our customers. A few weeks ago, our prospector Janasen Gorden was able to locate a new deposit, and immediately afterwards our Constructions Department started to lay the foundations of a new mine there. Now extraction operations are fully operational, and our pilots began to transfer piles of the probably most wanted mineral in the universe over to Central City, Bordalf.

Furthermore, Outland Mining Corporation began to mine Vertex. Don’t hesitate to buy a cubic meter of this precious gem on your next visit to our warehouses. Those you left at home will be delighted to hear what you bought for them on your long travels through hyperspace.

All our materials are for sale to the public. Prices on our services page are for pickup at Central City, Bordalf, Boordii, Sumitra. If you prefer, delivery is availabe for a fee.

Time to get back to work


Year 11, Day 354 –  Boordii System, Jubilee Station

As the festivities wind down and the prizes get awarded, it comes time to clean up the confetti and return back to work.  This years party, celebrating the second anniversary of operation of the Outland Mining Corporation, surpassed last years party by the number of parties, games, and prizes given.  With the continued growth of the Outland Mining Corporation throughout the Boordii system one can only look forward with great anticipation to next years event.

Results of the First Annual Droid Run

Year 11, Day 349 – Sumitra Sector, Boordii System

The First Annual Droid Run, held in conjunction with the second anniversary of the Outland Mining Corporation, was a huge success. Four racers flew their Corellian YT-1210′s through two systems, gathering droids and delivering them along the way in a test of skill and knowledge.  Here are the results:

First Place goes to D`lta Seejay, who completed the race in 3 days, 12:31:41.

In a close second Place was Rick Alano, crossing the finish line in 3 days, 20:10:15.

Third Place belongs to Gilad Callista, who raced in 5 days, 4:22:27.

Fourth Place goes to Janasen Gorden, finishing in 6 days, 22:07:54.

All of the racers will receive prizes for participating, while D`lta and Rick will receive additional prizes for finishing first and second.  The race was such a success that the organizer, Jetsi Seejay, looks forward to holding longer and more challenging races in the near future.

The First Annual Droid Run

Year 11, Day 340 – Boordii System, Jubilee Station

The First Annual Droid Run will be starting in less than one standard day.  There is still time to sign up and participate in the festivities.  Prizes will be awarded to First and Second Place.  If you wish to sign up for the race, please click here.

Happy Anniversary

Year 11, Day 339 – Jubilee Station, Boordii System

Today marks the second anniversary of the creation of the Outland Mining Corporation.  Keeping with tradition, the entire company will be shutting down for one week of celebrations, feasts, games, and copious amounts of alcohol.  After the celebration commences things will return to normal for another 51 weeks.

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